Research Topics

  • Speciation Analysis for trace elements in biological, environmental, food and feed samples by ICP-MS.
  • Analysis of organic contaminants such as PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs, etc. in environmental samples by GC-MS/MS, GC-ICP-MS, GC-MS and LC-MS/MS.
  • Determination of proteins biomarkers in clinical samples by quantitative proteomics using LC- MS/MS
  • Isotope ratio measurements for geochemical dating, provenance studies in archaeological materials and for traceability of goods and living organisms by multicollector ICP-MS.
  • Traceable characterization of natural peptides and proteins by Isotope Dilution Analysis using Amino Acids Hydrolysis and LC-MS/MS and on-line IDMS-HPLC- IRMS for the purity assessment of analytical standards and peptides.
  • Application of enriched stable isotopes in clinical chemistry and metabolic studies.

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