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The research group on Enriched Stable Isotopes, headed by Prof. J. Ignacio GarcĂ­a Alonso (jiga@uniovi.es) focuses on the development of analytical techniques, reagents, instrumentation and methodologies which employ enriched isotopes in combination with Mass Spectrometry. The main research topics can be summarised as following:

1.Metrology in Chemistry. Synthesis and application of isotopically labelled compounds (13C, 81Br, 37Cl, 34S, 119Sn, 201Hg, etc.). Development of instrumentation for post-column isotope dilution analysis. Development of analytica methodologies based in isotope dilution mass spectrometry. Quantitative proteomics.

2.Metabolism studies. The use of enriched isotopes for metabolism studies (selenium, sulfur, iron, organotin compounds, etc). Development of clinical tests based on enriched isotopes.

3.Traceability studies. The use of a dual isotope procedure for traceability purposes. Labelling of manufactured products. Trasngenerational marking of fish. Archeological isotope ratio measurements.

The group has collaboration agreements with different companies such as Thermo Scientific, Konik, Iproma, ISC-Sciences and others for the development of analytical methodologies and instrumentation.

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